Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Mister's Trip to Yellowknife, NWT

Trev travelled to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories last week for work. The mister travels a lot in his job. He has been out in the Maritimes, Newfoundland, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba (bleh), but never to the Arctic.

For those of you unfamiliar with crazy ol' Canada, here is a handy map. Trev and I live in Ontario (larger tan-coloured province)...look for Hamilton, which is near the border of Canada and the United States. Allow your eye to extend North to the large pink-coloured area. This is the Northwest Territories and Yellowknife is at the top of Great Slave Lake.

I did ask Trev to guest blog. He smiled and declined, but really wanted me to share these pics with you. If you comment, it will really make his day. *wink, wink*

(Above 2 photos) Flying into Yellowknife.

(Above 3 photos)
Holy retro planes, Batman! These are the planes used daily. No Airbus or Boeing 747's here.

(Above) This place is really named Bush Pilot Cafe, but my husband made up his own variation.

(Above & below) In Yellowknife...

Below: Yellowknife prezzies from my mister:

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