Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Sunday Procrastination Post

This is really what I want to do today...

...but there is a lawn to cut and weed whack. Hmmm...

Anyhoo, Trev and I ended yesterday with a 20 minute trip to Dundas to check out Buskerfest. From the car to the street festival, two things that caught my eye:

I'm intrigued by the Beer Baron.
The houses in Dundas are remarkable. I love this attached greenhouse.

We knew there would be yummy elephant ears to munch on. Cinnamon for Trev, hazelnut for this girl.

One of the buskers...

Me and my mister...

Although we had a productive and happy Saturday, we are struggling with some news given to us earlier in the morning. We took Molly, our cat, into the vet for her follow-up on her ears. She has what appears to be blood blisters in the right ear and a pollop deeper in the left. The vet is telling us that the blood blisters could be melanoma and that surgery is imperative for both the pollop and the supposed melanoma.
We're confused and weighing out what is best for Molly. And we have a lot to think about. Of course, our first instinct is to do surgery and rid Molly of what shouldn't be there. But, here are the cons to the whole situation:
  • this is a new vet and unfortunately we question everything, because our last vet was outstanding...there is no doubt that our new vet is very knowledgable, but....
  • the vet was not remotely concerned about the blood blisters on our last visit and now thinks its melanoma?!?!
  • what if it is melanoma? Do we put Molly through chemo is that's the case? We just don't know if that's right.
  • surgery for Mo means going to the vet...this absolutely traumatizes her
  • Mo is 10 years old...

Anyway, we're going to get a second opinion and do some of our own legwork. Like I said, I think the vet knows her stuff, but is a bit of a money-grabber. I would spend the world on my animals, but I also believe there is a line. Am I wrong?

So, after hearing this, Trev escaped to the garage to work on his race car, which he hopes to get out this summer. I planted lobellia, geraniums and pink impatiens (which I don't really like, but they're a great garden filler) and weeded/tidied up the gardens.

Off to get some yardwork done...




Beth said...

Awww. Your poor kitty. We had to make a similar choice when my dachshund ruptured a disk in her spine. Without surgery, she would most likely remain totally paralyzed. With surgery, she had a 50% chance of walking. We opted for the surgery and she walks. Although she is a bit like slinky dog now.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

GET A SECOND OPINION! If we had not done so + educated ourselves when our dog had his first seizures, there is no telling what his life would be like now- awful! We chose a less invasive course of treatment with a vet who had a lot of experience with epi dogs vs. a new vet.

Anonymous said...

After a full year of PAIN and vet visits, my husband brought our fur baby home from the vet's with yet MORE antibiotics. WHAT?

The next day I stomped into the vets and asked the NEW partner: "Don't you own an x-ray machine?" He said "yes"

I said "Then you take your xray machine and my boy, and don't come back til you find out what's wrong"

Ten minutes later he came and said I'd have to put him down IMMEDIATELY. He was DYING from an impacted bladder full of STONES AND IT'S A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE!!!

Although he was 16, I chose surgery because I owed him that much, after being in severe pain for so long.

The surgery came out well. He's still with us and going down hill from various complaints. The worse is coming soon, but DON'T make a decision based on one vet. That's what I'm trying to explain.

Jane said...

Hi Amy!

I didn't realize you were in 'blog world' too!

I was stalking people on facebook during work time... Shhhh... and found your blog address!

Just stoping by to say hello, and.. I hope your kitty begins to feel better.. poor kitty kitty

bettyninja said...

Best wishes for your kitty :) I love your dog photos at the top too