Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today was a garden day. And I didn't plan it that way.

As part of Whatcha Wearin' 97 cent red rubber ballet flats!

BEFORE ~ Entrance Garden


Front Garden

What I have dubbed the Welcome Garden...
when we moved in, we never knew the address rock was there
until my Aunt Kerry unearthed it during one of the first guerrilla gardening sessions.

The Porch Garden
Beautiful pink Columbine...

This guy startled me as I mulched under a hosta...

...I think toads are marvellous!

Happy Hump Day...


blondie-lox said...

i love before & after post!!! your yard looks awesome!! & what's with the under a $1 pair of shoes?! they are so cute! WWW looks like so much fun!

Jane said...

Yippy for frogs and toads!

love the address rock :)

Modern Crush said...

Beautiful!! Love the shoes! And the toad!