Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fruits of Labour

Although the weather here would make you think otherwise, it is nearly summer. It's 17C in Grimsby and it feels like its 7C. Where are you, warm weather?

Despite the uncooperative weather, my tastebuds are on par with the fruits of the upcoming summer season. Today I had to buy a quart of blueberries, raspberries, red seedless grapes and of course...cherries! Yum!

Yesterday's post featured some of my gardening efforts as of late. Today, I tackled the last garden to mulch.

And today was my very first class of yoga. Oh my. I am hooked. I will be taking it Tuesday and Thursday evenings until I have my sun salutations down and I can take more classes during the week. Why I did not start this sooner is beyond me.
Happy Thursday to you...
And a welcome back to Sherri from The Claw....

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Charlotte said...

Yummy! And great gardening. I don't do celsius but I am assuming that is cold.