Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rant Fest: Jon & Kate Plus 8 Edition

My blog is ideally reserved for pleasant, happy things...but what is this?!:

I feel awful for these kids. Period.

I did watch the "announcement" show last night and wished that I hadn't. I was not surprised that these two ended up in divorce. If that woman controlled my life and treated me like servant, I can't say that I wouldn't do the same.

Kate says that she did the show for her kids. Really? Funny, 'cause she's all spiffed up: the nasty hair, the excessive tanning and parading around in a bikini. It seems to be a lot about her. Oh, and she hates the paparazzi. Why do you air your dirty laundry and your family's problems to the world then?

I can only hope that this show is soon done (she says it will continue) and the kids can be kids.


sonrie said...

I don't have cable, thus don't watch this show, but I have surmised from all the tabloids and 'yahoo news' that they are divorcing. That is sad for the kids, any kid really, but when you have that many and that young, it can't be easy. I wonder if there are some good grandparent sets to step in.

Modern Crush said...

You know, I watched this show a few times when it first aired and never got into it. You know thinking back one of the reasons was because she was so bossy to him. Plus all those kids just made my mind spin. In my opinion those kids are screwed. I just want those kids to be kids too! Down with the parade.