Thursday, June 4, 2009


Not much has been pleasing me the past few days. I am super pissy with this tooth pain AFTER my root canal. It's that throbbing pain that takes you to the edge of insanity and all you can do is pop antibiotics, Advils and wait for an appointment that seems miles away (tomorrow @ 12:30pm).
Anyhoo, I have to say that I was truly, genuinely stoked to be one of three guest bloggers on The Claw! Sherri and her fam are touring the Georgia countryside, so three of us Claw fans are stepping in. I am up for the challenge, but I am not sure I make good Sherri-like claws and I am also not sure if I can match Sherri's wit and pee-your-pants humour. I'll be posting this coming Sunday and Monday, Charlotte is taking over the controls Friday and Saturday and blondie-lox will be givin' er on Tuesday and Wednesday!
Other things I am really stoked about but not physically showing it yet because of this crappy tooth:
  • I may just drive up to Belleville next week, pending my parents allowing my black mutty to come along.
  • I am chaperoning my 78 year old Grump to his Naval Reunion in Ottawa from June 25th to the 28th! Yay!

I hope everyone is having a stellar Thursday...




Modern Crush said...

Ugh the pain!!! I am soo soo sorry my dear. Cheers to your health, and I will have to check out The Claw. P.S. Mary Jane says feel better too:)

sherri said...

I love LOVE your claw. thanks again for steppin up! and very sorry about your root canal. hope you get good pain pills!