Friday, June 5, 2009

Pain, pain go away....

Okay, so I think today is the day that the pain is going to take a hike. It has to. I will make the dentist take it away and I don't care if he has to stay all day to do so. Last night I cried myself to sleep hurt that bad. So, please cross your fingers that this can be solved today because I am not only tired of feeling this way, I really don't enjoy being a 32 year old wimp.

Today is exciting! My boy comes home from the North and he tells me that he has taken some fantastic photos! I cannot wait to share them with you and I am hoping that maybe the T-man will guest blog? Yeah, I don't think so either, but I'll puppy-dog eye him!

Be sure to check out The Claw today! Charlotte's first post is fantastic and she had me in tears laughing! I am up to bat on Sunday and Monday (just to let you know for the second time...hee, hee!). Blondie-Lox is up front and centre on Tuesday and Wednesday! Sherri will be back on Thursday to see that The Claw has been well taken care of! *wink*

Off to get ready for this appointment...hopefully the next time I write on here, I'll be pain-free!



Modern Crush said...

Guest post!! 1 vote here!! I am so so sorry for your pain lady...

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Internet issues have kept me from the computer this week, but I do hope you are feeling better. I felt INSTANT relief when I went in for a root canal, OH how I truly feel your pain, that hopefully is NO MORE!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to reading you posts on Le Claw.

AND I do love those Toms slip-ons.