Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Transformation & I-Can't-Believe-I-Haven't-Posted-Since-Sunday Post...

One of my older step-brothers, Nicholas, reminded me to get my act together and get blogging! I am super happy someone reads it! Bahaha!

Anyhoo, I have been busy this week: organizing, washing every scummy window in our house (inside and out) and took on the kick-ass task of cleaning and straightening my husband's closet. Now, I initially had pictures of that utter disaster, but refrained as my grandmother thought it was mean to advertise my hubby's slobbiness and I did read Sherri's post about taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures. Not always cool.

So, today I made the trek up the Mountain (as they say here in these parts) to my grandparents home in a retirement village known as St. Elizabeth's. I am so thrilled my Nana and Grump moved here, as it takes the burden of lawn care, snow removal and other hefty house tasks off their shoulders. To top it off, they have awesome neighbours and are able to garden within their quarters.

Nana and Grump already jumped on the gardens closer to their house, but this was staring us in the face everytime we sat outside. And we sit outside a lot. A conversation between my Nana and I took place on Monday that something had to be done. Pronto.

With a 20 minute trip to the garden centre, I mulched (because you can't plant anything here....too rooty) and made a home for some garden planters and the bird bath. A $42.00 upgrade. Yeehaw!

I am pretty happy with the result, and I think the Grandparental Units are too! Yay!
Speaking of Sherri at the The Claw, please read this. I was in tears laughing because I can relate, as most people can that own pets. Mine tales involve midnight trips to the bathroom, only to find my foot in cat puke.
In other Amy goings-on:
  • My American relations are trippin' on over the border from Michigan on Friday to stay with us for a few days! I cannot wait! My cousins, Brenda and Bob, are such amazing people and so much fun. I believe Brenda and I have set in stone that local wineries are in order for Saturday. Right, Brenda?
  • My Dad and Carol are vacationing here in the Grimz for awhile next week! Super stoked to get some fishing in, as my permit is burning a hole in my wallet. We always have a good time here.
  • I am incredibly happy that the necklace that I crafted for Georgia at Modern Crush finally made it's way to California. What a long journey that was! I hope you enjoy it, Georgia, as much I enjoyed creating it just for you!
  • Our family reunion...The HORE Family Reunion is on Sunday at noon in Dundas. Yep, I am a descendant of the Hore family. My great grandmother was a Hore. My Grump always jokes that we cannot put signs up to show where the reunion is because we'll have more people there than we bargained for. Right he is.
  • Still looking for and applying for jobs. Please cross your fingers for me!
  • Very excited to announce that Hamilton is getting a Bath & Body Works! Now, I will not have to trek to Buffalo or Guelph for my B&B fix. Mmmm....Japanese Cherry Blossom...

That's all for tonight, folks.

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow, but need to clean this joint before company arrives.




me melodia said...

Gotta love the family kicking u in the butt to blog.
Claw's post made me laugh too.
My cat loves puke surprises.
Check out my favorite one yet:

Modern Crush said...

Word to myself... do not read Amy's blog at work unless I want to embarrass myself by laughing uncontrollably, or having snot come out of my nose, or the like. You are too funny, probably more than you even know! Yes, the necklace is a treasure! I am a lucky lucky girl! Hey, I love the new background color btw...