Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Weekend Underwear Rant

photo of the evil boy short via Anthropologie

Happy weekend's eve, peeps!
I decided to get out of the house today for a little bit. I am still feeling a little whacked and I am siding with Dad, Carol and Nana...I think I have a cold in my muscles. Ewww...
Anyhoo, so I am getting my clothes on after my hot shower and I select a comfy jersey skirt. Any clothing made from jersey knit rocks my world, but the only issue with jersey bottoms is that you need to wear underpinnings that are well concealed.
Now, I don't know about you, but I really don't fancy a thong. I have never befriended them and I know the feeling is reciprocated. And as a woman, if I have to fight with bras my entire life, then I am not succumbing to a battle with underwear. So, I bypass the thong ('cause I still own 'em!) and select the boy short only to find that after two steps taken I might as well have yanked on the butt floss. Boy shorts are a 1000 times worse than the thong, in my mind, because any of them I have worn end up like the floss but you have triple the fabric to contend with.
After 10 minutes spent, I finally choose the hipster. Full coverage (back and front) and the lines visibly seen through the jersey skirt. And I just didn't care because at least I knew that I was not going to pull a Britney Spears.
So, the question is: why do we care about our underwear lines? We all know we wear it (well, some of us do), so what's the big deal?
Have a fabulous weekend!

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