Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have been a little quiet today. I am nursing a good ol' muscle knot in my left shoulder blade that is creeping into my neck. But, I could not let a day of bloggin' slip by, so here's a little post.

During Dad & Carol's stay we made a trip into beautiful Dundas. My goodness, I love Dundas. It's quaint, beautiful and nestled in the crook of the Escarpment. We found a thrift store in our travels and had to pop in.

I picked up a vintage bathing suit that I will never post on this blog or wear in public for that matter. But I found a few books, including this BH&G Sewing book. I love crafting, but suck at sewing. Maybe this will help?
We found a bead shop in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It's my new favourite place and the prices are super reasonable....
And I have to say that I am super pleased with my raspberry bush! Wowza!
I have had four "picks" at it so far and today's bounty was the largest. There are still plenty of berries left to ripen! Way to go, raspberry bush!

I hope everyone is having an awesome Thursday!



sonrie said...

I have that book too! And, I would love some raspberries! Have a good weekend.

Modern Crush said...

Wowza is right! Look at those things!! You are so funny about the bathing suit... HAHA!

amy @ switz~art said...

sonrie ~ have an awesome weekend, too, girl! i think i am going to peruse that book this weekend

georgia ~ the bathing suit was this funky pattern...very similar to a Pucci print..anyhoo, i washed it and it smelled like pee. no joke. needless to say, it's in the garbage...outside!