Thursday, July 30, 2009

Need, This, Book

I subscribe to Gwyneth Paltrow's take-it-or-leave-it newsletter: GOOP. Now, I kinda like GOOP, as there are certain topics that strike me as cool, but others are beyond my economic scope.

I was particularly taken with today's newsletter in my in-box, detailing summer reads as recommended by Gwynnie's friends (I call her Gwynnie 'cause were supertight! haha!). I love a good book recommendation and there at least five in that list I need to get my hands on.

This one, specifically, caught my eye:

And it wasn't the words in the title per se that grabbed me, but I thought "Hey! That cover is like Eat Pray Love!"

Then I read the description:

The hilarious response to Eat Pray Love that asks the question "what happened to the poor guy that got left behind while Elizabeth Gilbert went on that Fakakta adventure?"
Perfect! Because if you read the Eat Pray Love and you share my thoughts/way of thinking, I thought Elizabeth was a self-centred, egotistical nightmare. I understand it was a personal journey to find herself, but it was dry, boring and eye-rolling, at best. For a book I was hyped to read, Eat Pray Love was a complete and utter disappointment...and I know I am not alone. The reviews I read after my brain's boxing match with this Elizabeth character were very harsh.
Harsher than mine.
So with that said: I need to read this novel. Because a large part of me has a sick sense of humour (that I will no longer apologize for), this book should be a good read.
I will be sure to provide a book report upon completion.


drollgirl said...

i kind of want to throw things at gwyneth paltrow, but i'll take this book recommendations since YOU are thinking it would be good. that is reason enough for me, even if it is a gwyneth recommendation by proxy.

drollgirl said...

dude!!! just read that megan fox link you sent me. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. rocks for brains. i cannot stand her! bah!

sherri said...

everybody hates gwyneth, but I'm with you I find some of goop an interesting read. and that book sounds hi-larious, although I think you would have had to read the other one (eat pray love) to get the joke? Love your new header/look!

amy @ switz~art said...

gwynnie is self-centered, but i still love some of her movies...i think i feel i have to like her 'cause i dig chris martin....hmmm...

anyhoo...yes! this book looks hilarious! all you have to know to read this parody is that elizabeth in eat pray love (it's a biography...self-written) just takes off out of her marriage and never sees her husband 'cause she goes on this self-exploratory journey (i.e. shit storm). so all you have to know is that she left and apparently this writer takes up the hilarious slack on the man she left behind!

drollgirl...isn't that megan fox link would be different if she looked like that and was nice...

sherri... thank you for the compliment on the header! it needed a clean-up!


have to check out this book... Don't judge me, but I read Jakie Collins trashy novels f summer! hee-hee*
happy fiday dear!

blondie-lox said...

wow. hmmm. i never read eat pray love... but, this new book sounds more up my alley anyway. i saw gilbert's interviews on oprah & thought,... she knows a lot, she's seen a lot, she seems to be able to talk a lot, & she's managed to live her life like a trust fund little brat, that i guess would be happy! shit.. i'd be happy if i was able to travel the world, spend/buy, eat, fucking have a moment of silence to pray, fall in & out of love... blah blah blah. yeah, anyone would love that, & learn a lot while doing it. so, what's the book about? showing off that she got to do all that?? her house did look awesome though!

p.s. your new header rocks! do you have a trailer for real? my cousin started a blog about travel trailers.. i'll put a link up on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I think the other book looks fun, but I really did enjoy Eat, Pray, Love. I think part of the whole point of the book was that she was unhappy where she was in life and wanted to make a change.. and she tried to help some friends along the way. I guess to me she did not come off as being self centered in a negative way, but in more of a taking care of herself way..