Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bad-Ass Bachelorette!

My best friend, Lisa, is getting married. I believe I have shared this before on here...I am beyond freakin' excited! Paulo is perfect for Lisa and it's the first time that I have seen Lisa really, really glow. October 10th, 2009 is gonna be one memorable day.

Take a peek at their new engagement photos...two gorgeous peeps! And a big shout-out to Lis & Paul's fabulous photographer: Naomi Claire.

This weekend is a fab mix of fun: Lisa's bachelorette (a spa day! yay!), the wedding party BBQ and a chance to meet all of Lisa & Paul's friends and family that I have not met before, but have heard so much about.
With blessing from the maid-of-honour: Lisa's sis, Tina and the bride herself, I made a trip to the local party packaging store and came out with a whack of loot for us gals. I'll save the pics for what we will wear after the weekend, but here's a snapshot! I am a sucker for party loot thanks to the help of my Aunt Kerry...

You need one penis-related item for good measure. No pun intended!

Since you get my blog posts via e-mail, whether you like it or not, Lis...I love ya, dude! See you in 3 more sleeps!


drollgirl said...

they look like a beautiful and happy couple! YAY! that is always such a nice thing to see! :)


They are gorgeousss...but the best part is to see them glowing with LOVE & JOY! ...lurrrve that!

me melodia said...

♡ What a gorgeous duo!♡
I love their engagement shots- very fun and flirty. You're such a proud and loving friend.

rhaindropz said...
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sonrie said...

They look so happy! Btw, my wedding is the weekend after that. :)