Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Big Purge

It is getting closer to fall. My favourite season. I don't like what it brings soon after: dreaded, icky winter. However, we're a little ways off, so we won't think about it, will we? It is a little hard not think about cozy, crisp fall, though. The retailers are already enticing us with their yummy fall wardrobe. That's what I love about fall: the layering, the boots, the knits.

Now, I am not getting anything new for fall because I do not need anything. Except for basic long sleeve shirts that you put under everything. I wear them out every season, with the exception of two black shirts that are really long underwear, that I bought last year. If I get my hands on more of those, I am set.

These are after purge shots. I consume two closets in our home, but they are either a little small or not set-up for maximum usage.

Cecilia the mutt supervised the purge and can tell you that two extra large contractor-issue garbage bags were completely filled. In addition, a special bag (also an extra large contractor-issue garbage bag) was filled to its entirety for my BFF, Lisa.

Okay, maybe there is one thing that I really wouldn't mind in my closet this fall: motocross-style jeans as seen below on Cameron Diaz and some skinny lil' model.

Have a fab night!

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