Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WWW and One Awesome Swap!

I figured I better contribute to WWW (Whatcha Wearin' Wednesday), before Fi gives me a kick in the WWW pants! Today's outfit is rather boring, but alas I post:

Today's outfit is as such:
  • green t-shirt (not arm flattering in the least! eeeks!): Joe Fresh
  • denim skirt: Old Navy (but found at a thrift store)
  • yellow rubber ballet flats: Joe Fresh (these are my $0.98 shoes...great for rainy days...I bought red, silver, black, green and yellow!)

Okay, so something that is not boring! A swap! Wheeee! I am so excited!

The lovely, awesome & super talented Georgia from Modern Crush is putting together a favourites swap. All the details are contained in this post. How fun is this?! Give it a whirl...I certainly am!

Happy Hump Day!




drollgirl said...

i am liking the outfit!

and rest assured, YOUR ARMS ARE BETTER THAN MINE! bah.

will check out the swap link you posted now.....


Like the pop of color on your yellow rubber flats!

amy @ switz~art said...

thanks, girlies! you make a lady feel very nice!

although...some liftin' with the 5 lb. weights would not hurt! LOL! Yah, like that's going to happen!

Anonymous said...

you look super cute! Nothing boring about your outfit!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I joined the swap + seriously, yellow shoes can never be boring!

Modern Crush said...

I love the yellow shoes too! You just pull the whole thing off!