Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I used to be a real label monger. Ask my parents who had to experience my Guess jeans phase through public school. Oh yes.

Now that I am on my own, I still love some labels. Unfortunately, they have branched out to Stella McCartney and Chanel which I will never afford, but I take comfort in knowing that I will never own it. Plus, I am rather happy that when I do find such luxury items, I locate them in a funky flea market or score them on eBay. Only twice have I done well. Or at least I think I have done well.
The Dior black patent leather purse (above) was located in a pile of amazing items at the St. Lawrence flea market in Toronto a year ago. $20.00 It's my baby. I have been pleased to know, that after some research, it's real. It's slightly marked up, vintage and needed a cleaning, as it had that patent leather stickiness to it. After a wipe down with vinegar, it gleams, but still has that vintage quality that I j'adore...
My only other such luxury score purchase was a pair Chanel ballet flats on eBay for $50.00 with the Neiman Marcus tags still on them. They are currently at the shoe repair getting a stretch after a year of never being worn. Although they essentially fit, they dig into my heels (I don't care if they are Chanel...that's wrong!).
Now, I just need to win the lotto and when I do, I will travel a la Lenore. Yeehaw!


Modern Crush said...

Oh you devil you... good looking out! I have had some killer ebay finds, but never Chanel flats!!! xo

drollgirl said...

oh man. i do not have any fabulous dior or chanel items. SOME DAY. some day. HOPEFULLY!!!