Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dress Me Up

I promised my mama a pic of the bridemaid's dress I am wearing for Lis & Paul's wedding. I picked it up yesterday. You can't really tell, but it's a beautiful teal colour. The shoes are a yellow-gold and am hoping they fit the look of the dress...

Now for an opinion and please don't hold back. I picked up this purple number from Jacob Outlet yesterday for $30.00 (regular $110.00!) because I need something dressy for another wedding we're going to on September 19th. All of the dresses in my closet felt to casual, so I saw this and popped it on. This pic is far from flattering (I see that I needed to straighten out the waist...sheesh!), but it has some fun beadwork on the collar (would have provided a close-up shot if my camera didn't run out of juice) and a cleavage hole that I'll never put to full use! Haha!

What I need an opinion on is the legwear. Considerations before stating your case:
  • Should I cover my tattoo (it's a large sunflower on my right ankle) for this event?
  • If I should cover it, do I go with a black tight? Or is that too wintery?
  • Or should I go with a gray opaque tight?
  • Are black pointy kitten heels okay? Or a taller heel?

So many questions! Any help is greatly appreciated!




gray opaque or translucent color tights would be lovely!

Modern Crush said...

Ohh I like the idea of grey... I had a friend wear a dress very similarly with grey tights and grey pumps - it was stunning. Absolutely stunning. Great find!

P.S. the tattoo is you! Dont cover my Amy!

Anonymous said...


Do not cover up your legs....Pointy toe would look great....It might be hot still so probably NO tights would be best!!!
And I love that colour looks awesome!!!!!!!
From Tina...See ya Saturday!!