Sunday, August 30, 2009

Words to Live By...Quotable Sunday

Word up.
Kind of fitting 'cause I am blazing a trail outta here and hitting the road for a week or so. Off to see both sets of my parental units. Dog got a nice new metal crate for the car today and now I will safely be able to see out the back window. Whew!
I hope to be able to make a post on the road, if possible.
Be well, friends!
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drollgirl said...

yayuh!!! road trip! i hope you have a super trip, and that the parental units behave themselves!

enjoy, man!


Have a fantastic & safe trip...the quote is perfect! ps: take lots of photos!!

Modern Crush said...

Man you travel a lot you lucky girl!! Have fun! Looking forward to hearing about the adventure:)

Antonio Barros said...

Great quote!

Lovely blog! Enjoy the trip!!!