Wednesday, September 16, 2009

David Jeffery Doornbos

My friend & co-worker, Jeff, was tragically killed when his motorcycle struck a horse yards from his home 2 years ago today. This guy was a true character. He was hilarious and got as fired up about stuff as much as I do: very passionate about his work and his place in it. I find it difficult to pinpoint the words to really describe someone, but I can say with certainty that J.D. was a genuinely great soul whos fierce loyalty to his family and his young son (the spitting image of him!) will continue to live on.
David Jeffery Doornbos
June 8th, 1978 ~ September 16th, 2007


bananas. said...

oh hun, this makes my heart hurt. i know way too many lives lost from motorcycle accidents. to this day, i will never ride on one. i'm sorry to hear about your loss.

only a movie said...

Oh I am sorry about this anniversary. Losing a friend is a very hard kind of pain. xxoo

amy @ switz~art said...

bananas ~ unfortunately, i have seen my fair share of them too. it's usually car drivers on the road with motorcyclists that's the big problem

thanks to both of you...he was a cool dude