Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whatcha Wearin' Wednesday (WWW)

So, I am not really wearing this lil' jacket all day today because I am schlupping around the house, but in honour of Fi's WWW this is the short sleeve vintage-y jacket my Nana purchased for me yesterday. I love's roomy, harks back to the 60's (maybe?) and I am rather fond of the inside tie that pops out at the front. It may not appeal to everyone, but I love it.

Molly the Cat would like you to know that for WWW she is wearing fur. Don't be haters, it's her own and no other animals were harmed for it.

Happy Hump Day,



Rebecca said...

That outfit is SUPER cute! I love that the jacket is short sleeved too!

amy @ switz~art said...

Thanks so much, Rebecca!
You rarely see jackets without long sleeves!

bananas. said...

that coat is the shit and molly's fur is priceless.

Modern Crush said...

Oh cute!!!! Me likey:)