Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Thwing is the sound of my Nana flinging thongs around at my personal wedding shower two years ago. I cannot explain to you how freakin' hilarious it truly is to see your 75-year-old (at the time) grand parental unit shoot flossy gitch around her livingroom.

It seems that when I think I could not possibly have a better relationship with my Nana or my Grump, it gets even more wonderful. And I relish it, 'cause 1) some kids never even knew their grandparents and 2) if people knew their grandparents they were more than likely prudish ol' buggers that smell like moth balls. Well, I am pretty proud to say that mine are the total opposite. They are liberal-minded peeps who like to have a great time and tell dirty jokes. But they also instill why its important to be loyal, kind and honest. They really are the salt of the earth, as far as I see it.

So, Nana and I went for a little shopping trip to the mall here in Hamilton. Nana was in search of some button-front pyjama tops for her upcoming open heart surgery (date is TBA, but should be the end of September) and we were successful in our quest. It was more than just shopping, it was a blast of the past for me, remembering our shopping trips down Upper Gage Avenue when I was a kid.

I want to thank my Nana for an amazing day. And another thank you for the cute jacket she bought for her favourite granddaughter (I'm her only one, by the way! tee, hee!). I'll be sure to feature it tomorrow for WWW!

And I leave you with a few goodies...

I know. Don't say it. Anthropologie again? Yep. But it's just so full of yummy things!



P.S. September is the time to celebrate Grandparents Day!



Love your Nana she makes me want to thwing something now! Didn't know abt Grandparents day...Sadly, all my grandparents have moved on the other side ;(

Modern Crush said...

I never knew my grandparents. Canada and Virginia is a long way from California. You are one blessed girl. Cheers to your grandma!!

And I love ALL the clothes btw:) Good taste lady!