Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This week's WWW (Whatcha Wearin' Wednesdays...brought to you by the one and only Fi) features the strange Forever 21 top I bought a few years back. Why "strange"? Well, I am sure you have quickly come to your own conclusions, but here are the looks I get when wear this hawt little polyester number (*wink, wink*):

And there is nothing I like more than expression!

Happy Hump Day!



bananas. said...

HA! that is a pretty expressive shirt...brings out the best in people, you can say. lol.

thanks for the sweet comment. i'm 100% sure you are one cool gal just for the simple fact that you can appreciate adn relate to my odd but honest ranting. "weeding" of people...i like that :)

keep on rolling like that!

Raina said...

I ADORE that print.

That is all.

amy @ switz~art said...

thanks, peeps! and because it IS polyester, I have a good hunch it'll be in my closet for awhile! *wink*


Whahaha...Love the last face, I look like him when I drink bad milk!