Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Damn You, Autumn!

I want to eat fall up. I really do. I do not, however, have a soft spot for winter. It's biting, nippy cold swords jabbing at you for what seems like 10 months out of the year (I am exaggerating, of course) is not my idea of nature in its glory. But, I am Canadian and thankful for the country I live in, so I suck it up and bear it.

photo taken @ my Mum's place, last week

In celebration of fall, I picked up four pots of mums: 2 yellow and 2 purple. I will be sure to post pics of the house a la autumness.

I adore fall clothes. Have I mentioned this? Yes, I believe I have. But I'll say it again. I loooooove fall clothing. I love layering, boots, coats and lately: grey jeans. Actually, grey anything. Only because it looks super swish with red or another popping colour.

(p.s.: this is not my bum!)
Anthropologie made it's way into my inbox today. Not that I minded, because it gave me a big ol' red flag to make my way over to their site to take a wander. Their outerwear confections had me drooling...

Other switz~art notes that definitely garner sharing:

Happy Tuesday Evening...



Raina said...

I was just at Anthro yesterday and that last pink coat is even more adorable in person!

sherri said...

1. thanks for playing along with the swap!
2. love that mums shot
3. that polaroid blog is awesome thanks for sharing!
happy early hump day to ya.


adore the details on the orange jacket...haha i can't wait for the change of season,so I can start having fun with layering...errr as long as it's not too freakin cold.


drollgirl said...

i like fall and fall clothing waaaaaay better than summer! and i love these anthro picks, too!

bananas. said...

i want that red plaid coat so so BAD! i love how they paired it with a striped dress in the catalog. i'm pretty sure that look will be a great addition to my fall attire.

Modern Crush said...

Those jeans are CUTE - how the heck did I miss this post?? That orange jacket is wonderful... but maybe not in orange for me:)