Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bloggin' Love...

I am at a loss of words lately.  My friends/family reading this will ultimately be surprised because I am a chatterbox in the truest form.  I figured since today was a gray, blah day and I am feeling a little "ugh", I would pick up the spirits a little by speading some blog love and my thoughts on blogging.  Awwww....

How true is this?  (See above)

Anyways, I am just in awe of the blogs & posts out there.  For someone to write thoughts/feelings/opinions and toss it out there on the 'Net is pretty bold.  And very cathartic.  Blogging has, for me, stepped up my voice and has given me even more confidence.  I would even say that it keeps the mind sharp. 
Most importantly, it has inspired, made me belly laugh (always good for the soul, I think) and has allowed me to think outside the box.  I can see the big picture.

There are some blogs I have stumbled on that I don't like and that's the way life rolls.  But these are few and I could shout them all out in this post, but I frankly don't have the time.  I want to give kudos to those who make me think, smile and wanna go out and create or learn more...

  • Leya of Curious Bird ~ One of the reasons I began to blog.  I stumbled across this world of creativity and beautiful photos by sheer luck.  With a thanks to Google (I believe I searched for handmade art) I was inspired to give blogging a try and allow people into my whacky (if sometimes boring) little world.  Leya, your amazing posts continue to rock!

  • Sherri of The Claw ~ A fine chick that has put me face to face with rad music and a taste of motherhood/life which I have yet to experience.  What is not to dig?  Sherri's flat-out honesty, hilarity  and not candy-coating life gets a big high five from me. 
(P.S. To those who put the veil on life for their blog's sake, get real.)

  • Raina of If The Lamp Shade Fits ~ Without Raina, I could have been steered in the wrong direction and bought a shitload of Orla Kiely.  I am kidding because I have the wits to know that crap was fugly, but Raina has opened my mind to many decorating possibilities.  Like this, this and this.  And like, BS.  Love it.

  • Mayra of Life is Bananas ~  When Mayra wears Louboutins, so do I.  When Mayra runs a 100 mile marathon, so do I.  Mayra's life is bananas and I am thrilled to be along for the ride. 

  • Shona of LALA dex press ~ The girl does it all...amazing print work, the biggest Springsteen fan I know, will take on projects full-on and sees them through, all while working (and not at the easiest job in the world, either).  Shona is my go-to for film reviews and a good ol' e-mail pep talk.  Which reminds me...we have not chatted in a while.

  • Lenorenevermore ~ I love a good mystery and although I get snapshots of Lenore's life daily I wanna know...who is this girl?  I do know that she is quite the world traveller, a woman of style and class with a huge helping of funny!

  • drollgirl ~ Where you find the photos for your posts, I have no idea, but keep them comin'!  I will need a stake in Depends soon.

The list really goes on and I wish I could write to my heart's content, but I need to eat, sleep...that kinda thing.  Oh, and I need to stop 'cause I am going to do a giveaway.  That's right.  It's getting cold and shitty out there and someone needs a pick-me-up package.  I will post later today or early tomorrow and I will show you the goods.  Actually, the good.  It will be one necklace created by moi.  Details coming up...

And thanks for sticking by me, those that follow.  I sure appreciate all of the comments and verbal offerings.  You have really no idea...




ooohhh you are so sweet! Thank you!!

You made me sound like Agatha Christie!...when actually I'm more like a sleazy Jakie Collins novel...hehe*
Anywaysss, I heard statistic shows that most bloggers give up their sites after 6 months! Cheers to us for our perseverance & to more confidence~ errr?!

Cristin said...

Thanks man... I'm in good company here.

I usually get annoyed at songs on blogs, but I'm hanging out extra long here enjoying the tunage.


only a movie said...

That's an excellent list, ms. Amy. :-)

bananas. said...

OH WHAT!?! aw man...that's nicest shit ever! lady you really just turned my crummy day upside down.

it's been one of the worst days ever and then when i'm finally able to catch up on blogs, i see this! wowie.

thank you. you truly rock like so so much!

Raina Cox said...

Well, thanks ever so much, my Canuck Darlin'!

How excited am I to see so many of my blog buddies on your list?

You, dear, have excellent taste in blogs. ;)

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Do you see that red glow allllll the way down south in Tenn? That's me blushing.

I have most these ladies on my bloglines, will have to check out the others.

2 days later I got my voice back, but I'm still buzzin' from seeing Bruuuuuce!

sulu-design said...

Oh, I love Leya and Shona... but it seems there are several other ladies I need to acquaint myself with! Thanks for the links. And have fun with the giveaway (I told myself after getting two new pairs of shoes that nothing new can come into our apartment until we move - and we don't know when that will be... or else I'd enter myself).

sherri said...

How did I miss this the other day? Thank you thank you thank you - SO much. I, too, have most of these women on my blog lists, but will definitely check the others out.
My buddy, Leya (curious bird) is even more awesome in person - she is actually hilarious, which is a side she doesn't show on her blog.
I love your blog, too, thanks again for the kind words, made my day!