Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My fuzzy girl, Molly (aka Mo, MoFo, Momo...) is loving the full force of radiator warmth. 
I have to say that I am too.   

Last year, we had a tech in to check out the boiler system and all was a go, but the rads never got really hot, which I found disappointing. After some tweaking, hubby got them going this fall. It seems this house has a few tricks up her sleeve that we have yet to discover.  We still can't quite figure out why the lamp post at the end of the drive does not have an accessible on/off switch.  It's turned on by going into the basement?!?  Wha?

Anyhoo, last night I got crafty.

I love this chunky goodness and I think I will keep it for myself.  99% of the time, I give my creations away.
However, I am thinking of Etsy and a few craft shows next year, especially since I am getting my artsy mojo back into full swing.  Perhaps this winter will bring a good inventory.

Happy Tuesday, my lovely peeps.  Especially to Raina.  Tuesday's gotta be good for you, I just know it!




amazing stones...nature is so awesome! Kitty, please be careful not to boil yourself pleasssse...

amy @ switz~art said...

Isn't it, though?
Bahaha! I will be sure to poke her with a stick from time to time! :-)

bananas. said...

and you don't have an etsy for what reason???

you should. that necklace is RAD and i want one, just sayin.

also you can sell your cat's babies because i'm pretty sure i want one of those too.

drollgirl said...

your cat is gorgeous! AND SO IS THAT NECKLACE!!! well done! i bet you could sell a LOT of stuff with your talent!

Rachel Follett said...

Your cat is too cute!

Starla said...

We just moved into an apartment with radiators. Is that just glass that you have covering it? We've been trying to think of what would be good to go over it with all the heat coming off of them because our cat of course loves the windows and all of the radiators are right in front of windows. If it's glass, where did you get the glass to cover it? Did you have it cut? Thanks for any help! :)