Monday, November 9, 2009

Fugly Finds

On a recent retail therapy excursion in the good ol' U.S. of A, I found two especially fugly finds that I thought I may just throw out there in the blogosphere. 

These Joe Boxer pyjama bottoms (I think?!) were hot, hot, hot!
(I have 'em pulled over my pants!)
That'd be red & white gingham with a waistband and cuffs of black & multi-coloured neon. 


I am sorry if you own these and I am sure they're super comfy and all...but...MY GAWD!
Dr. Scholl's clogs a la Croc spongy rubber crap with gold hardware.  Looks like a footwear designer may have lost their job?  No?



drollgirl said...

crocs! dr. scholls! bury them ALL!!!!

bananas. said...

oh FUCK NO!!! those are heinous to the extreme.

sherri said...

the crolls cracked me up.

me melodia said...

were you shopping in my sister in laws closet???

Modern Crush said...