Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Now!

I am a wanna-be high heel wear-er.  Does this make sense?
I wanna rock able to run through the NYC streets a la Carrie Bradshaw in Manolos.
But alas, I am a flats girl.  Maybe I'll don a pair of wedges, but only ever so slightly.

Until now.

These Guess babies are remarkably comfortable.  And I was remarkably comfortable with the price tag: $20.

It's Monday and all is well around the switz~art fort.  Looking forward to seeing the Radio City Rockettes with my in-laws tomorrow night, as they are in Hamilton for the upcoming holidays.

Speaking of holidays...can you believe they're almost here?  I will admit that decorating has been on the mind, but I will not give in quite just yet.  I will, however, consume many Peppermint White Chocolate Lattes from Hundredbucks (a.k.a. Starbucks) without abandon.

Happy Monday, y'all...


drollgirl said...

ah, i'd love to rock the heels, but my feet wince when they see anything besides flats or wedges. ugh. i just bought some 3" boots, and they might be museum pieces. i don't know if i will ever want to wear them. ugh. hahahaha

bananas. said...

YEAAAAYA!!! congrats on the shoe upgrade. don't you feel a tad bit sexier...oh heck, a helluva bit sexier?! haha.

those shoes are saucy!

sherri said...

hawt and affordable!