Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Regular Martha

Well, I am creating.  Slowly, but surely.

I want to thank everyone who made awesome comments on my last piece.  You rock! 

Today's accomplishments include this number made from citrine, shell & metal...

In honour of Remembrance Day next Wednesday, I made these larger felt poppies (complete with button centre).  They are sure to stay on compared to the ones sold by The Royal Canadian Legion, but I will still be sure to donate to the Poppy Fund, as I do every year. 

I created one for the Nana and one for myself...

Happy Thursday!


bananas. said...

yeeeeaaaa love me some poppies...i think they're the california flower or something. haha. love it!


Cheers to your creativity!
Etsy in the horizon?
~Great week darling...