Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time Flies...

I cannot believe that Lisa & Paulo's wedding came and's almost been a month.  To stir up some more excitement from that perfect day...the pro photos are in!  For a slideshow created by the photographer, Naomi Claire, please be sure to visit here

Some photos of that fine, fine day...

Beeeeeeautiful girly!

Lis & her dad, Papa Joe.

Helpin' out my main peep!


Da girls.

Paul and his super awesome (and hilarious!) parents.

Da boyz.

I love a good black & white!



bananas. said...

whoa ho ho! look at that hottie in the blue!

me melodia said...

The bride is stunning and you look marvelous!

Modern Crush said...

omg her hair is amazing - and you looks so beautiful!! Not fair not fair!!!! XOXO