Wednesday, November 25, 2009


What a gloomy day in Grimsby today.  And what would be better than to find our destination for January's end?  We're thinking about heading back to Mexico again.  We really love it there...

The Mayan again?
We even thought of going back to Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo and giving it another shot.
Maybe will skip Mexico and give Cuba a shot?

All I know, is there will be no more Dominican Republic for awhile.  Last year's trip was good, as far as sun/weather was concerned.  We met the most hilarious group of Americans from Iowa and stuck with them by the swim-up bar, but there was many things that were lacking.  There was mediocre service (I was bitched at by a server in the restaurant for putting my plate down because I was getting a juice!), roosters cock-a-doodling at ALL hours, and I was told I had to buy two items at the gift store or buy nothing at all?

"I'll take this bracelet, please."

"You buy two."

"No thanks, I'll just get this one."

"No, you have to buy two."

"Seriously?  I just want this one."

"No.  Buy two."

"Well, okay.  Then I won't buy anything at all."

"That's fine."

  What the?  I am sure it's not like this everywhere, but we have many Mexican trips to compare it to and DR never came close to what we have come to enjoy in the land of tequila and cerveza.

Our criteria?

  • Early morning flight out.  (If it's later in the day, you technically only get 5 days, not the 7.)
  • Beachfront
  • Close to a village/city, so we can tour around.
  • Short travel time between the resort and the aeropuerto.
  • Less commercialization.  However, in saying this, I loved Cancun.
  • Cheap!
Wish me luck!


Danielle said...

I recommend Costa Rica. It's a little bit farther away but I liked it way better than Mexico.

I've never been, but I've heard nice things about Cuba.

bananas. said...

ew the dominican sounds horrid. no thank you! mexico will be fun! they can be annoying sometimes but the food, the loud obnoxious music is good times when alcohol is involved and you know there always is.

shoot! the kids are drinking! haha. don't worry i can talk like this because i'm half. haha!

only a movie said...

Ooooh, I can travel vicariously through you. I vote Cuba. Or Mexico. Or any place sunny. Haven't been down that way, would love to try it.


That would be awesome...
how about Guadalajara?

Modern Crush said...

Haha funny I forgot to add that while in Riviera Maya we met some lovely Canadian friends who we shared dinner with... funny!

Modern Crush said...

Fun fun! I did not like Riviera Maya so much... but that maybe because I got food poisoning on an excursion there. I wont go back! Mexico is almost literally in our backyard, living in San Diego - but I'm cool off that for a while...

Happy planning!!