Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who Could It Be Now?

Hmmm...who could it be?  Who won the necklace giveaway?


Mayra, please be sure to send your particulars to
and I'll get this out to you ASAP!  Wheee!

Thank you to all who participated!  I'll be doing up another giveaway in the spring!  Keep your eyes peeled!

So, I am adoring this girl's style...model Tao Okomoto.  Anybody that can pull off yellow tights with red boots without looking like a jaundiced hotdog gets kudos in my books.

I bought a Bop It today.  Oh yes. 

Perhaps a distraction from the stinkin' cold winter that's gonna whip around the corner very shortly.

Happy Tuesday!


only a movie said...

bop it+hyperactive children=big headache

But I hope you have fun w/ it. :-)

bananas. said...

it's me!!! yippee! you don't know how happy that makes me...that and the fact that you have 99 balloons on your playlist :)

i'll email you now!

sherri said...

I will be reentering in the spring. I love that you drew names out of a hat. and love that you bought a bop it.


This dynamite lady deserves it!! hooorahhh***

Modern Crush said...

Score on the bop it - way to go Mayra!