Thursday, December 10, 2009

RED~GREEN Week: Day 4

It's almost the end of RED~GREEN Week here at switz~art.

It's been fun to get the camera out and search for things around the house to photograph, whether it be Christmas stuff or other things that catch the eye.

A handbag ornament on the tree...suitable for someone who digs a purse or two.
Who could that be?!  Hmmm?

An ode to The Nana!  This tops the tree we have at the front of the house.  Nana has been making these again like hot cakes.  Always a favourite!

Another shout-out to The Nana.  She made these plump lil' Santa's one year and has thankfully given me the pattern to make more.

As per Sherri's request...the train case.  This was a Value Village find last year.  I had always wanted a train case.  This was mint (some you see are super filthy!  ewww!) and only $3.99.  I cleaned off the dust, disinfected it (just in case!) and organized it with a variety of small trays from the dollar store.

 I also fastened in a small make-up bag within the lid for stuff like sponges, Q-tips and cotton pads that you want to keep sterile.

I like the idea that every thing I need, with the exception of hair products, is ready to go.  You know, like if I wanna hop on the private jet to Paris or Idaho or something.

For more fab RED~GREEN week peeps, please be sure to visit...

Cristin! (who says she just may post a RED~GREEN sucker by the week's go, girl!)

Oh, and before I go, I will address some comment-age left on my earlier post
For all of you that liked the red handbag...a huge score at Forever 21, which we now have in Canada!  I love that store, however, the sizing is much too small.  Am I wrong?  The jewellery is fun and cheap...always a fine combination.

And yes, my closet is tidy.  But, only because I have the time. It does get messy and when that happens, I'll post a pic of the pig pen.

Happy Thursday!


drollgirl said...

i love that train case! LOVE IT!!

only a movie said...

I go to Forever 21 to shop for the other half's young adult girls. They are both small. Like elves, they are that small.
Cute stuff - but nothing really fits adult sized non elf folk.
Love your photos and thanks for the train case tour. Envy!!

sherri said...

Madam, your train case is awesome.

bananas. said...

that case is such a fabulous find! and i love the handbag ornament. i'll take one of all the famous, chloe, prada...

Modern Crush said...

OMG that purse ornament is awesome! I must find more like that!!!