Friday, December 11, 2009

RED~GREEN Week: Day 5

Yay for Friday!  Hubby comes home tonight after a two day tour to freeze-your-balls-off Saskatoon for biz.  Very excited to have him home!

Friday means that RED~GREEN week wraps up.  Here are some more shots from around my abode...

An antique pillow with a unique pattern...

Although there is no green, my plaid Forever 21 sneaks fit the red bill.  Another score at $8.00!  Gawd, I love a sale!

A silk headband...amongst all my costume jewellery and such.

A retro Santa that looks very surprised or finished five shots of espresso.

My mutt's stocking! What will she find in here on the 25th?  Coal?  Nah, she's been a good dog!

One of my front doors.

Found these lil' guys at IKEA.  They look a little measly, which is why I had to give them a home.  They're kinda look like little Quaker elves with there beards and no moustache.

A huge, mambo thank you to Erin at Only a Movie, Sherri of The Claw and maybe Cristin of Tiptoeing Through The Tulips!  Haha!  You guys rock!

Happy Friday, peeps!


sherri said...

1. thanks for doing this week, I loved playing along!
2. love that pillow - is it needlepoint?
3. Cecilia is a great name for a pup or person.
have a rockin' weekend!

my wv: spinsta

is that like a gangsta spinster?

only a movie said...

Thanks for hosting the fun, Amy.

Also, love the pillow, love the pooch name, plaid sneakers (tho I could never pull them off), love love love the Ikea gnome.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Sorry I did not participate, I have a very sick boyfriend at home + feel like I now have 2 jobs.
Have a great weekend.

Modern Crush said...

I love it all! Especially the gnome/santas!! They are awesome! xo


No coal in the stocking pleasssse...
that's so cute, I should have them for my doggies~