Thursday, January 14, 2010


Why is it that it sometimes take catastrophe to open your eyes to the world in which you live and be especially grateful for it?  I have a nice house, a few cars in the drive and a hot tub. I don't live in a shack and can freely drink from my tap.  Although an earthquake is always possible, I don't live in an area where that typically happens.  And if it does, it's a tremor at best. 

Tammy (L) with another childhood friend of mine, Cari Wolsey (R).

Enter my childhood friend, Tammy Babcock.  Tammy makes me feel like I should be a better person.  And I should.  Tammy's efforts to help those in Haiti long before this week's devastation 7.0 earthquake are beyond incredible.  Her cause, Help Tammy Help Haiti, was created to provide access to education, clean drinking water and free medical care to the Haitian people.  Tammy will be flying out to Haiti early next week.  I am hoping that the people trapped inside the guest house that Tammy stays in every 2 months have been brought to safety...

To donate to Help Tammy Help Haiti please go here

For other resources, please click here.


only a movie said...

Ack. I may steal that link to google crisis response. Good idea.

Good luck to your friend, Amy - it's such important work.


It's really sad to watch the devastation on tv...just imagine being there in person! We must do a little something...a little something is better than nothing at all~

xo* as always