Friday, January 15, 2010


Um, I don't like flying.

I am fascinated with airplanes and aviation, but I personally hate flying.

(prepare for take-off!)

Now, would it be so bad if I travelled like this?

Or like this?

Or perhaps, like this?

Maybe that would subside my claustrophobia, but being 35,000ft. up in the air in a metal tube just doesn't cut it for me.
And the reality is, my flight is gonna look a lot like this:

You know, packed full of kids kicking the back of your seat, people coughing and hacking and ones that don't sit down when they are required to. 

My fear is not only that I have zero control, but the stupid people that get on the plane with you.

Do you like to fly?  If not, how do you cope? 

All I know is that I prefer to not be sedated and Bach's Rescue Remedy only helps somewhat.  Also comforting is knowing that paradise is waiting for me when we land.  Any tips are greatly appreciated!

Happy Friday, peeps!


only a movie said...

They make Rescue Remedy candies now too. I have stuff like that on hand, but I haven't flown since...1996. Prior to that, I flew coast to coast and over oceans frequently. I don't know how I did it...
...because now I know I would require ativan. :-)

I wish I had better hints for you. And I look forward to hearing about your trip!

Danielle Todd said...

I don't like to fly either. Even the airport makes me nervous. I get though it with books and crochet when my eyes get tired to read. As long as I keep busy, I'm ok.