Sunday, February 28, 2010


Thank gawd!!!  If you didn't watch the Canada vs. USA gold medal game, then you shoulda!  Canada stomped it 3 to 2 in nail-biter OT.

Our Nova Scotia boy, Sidney...scored the golden shot. 

Whoopin' it up Canadian-style!  Hmm...where are the cigars?  ;-)

Good work, boys, and to all of the Canadian athletes who made us oh-so proud, eh!


(all pics courtesy of The Canadian Press)

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Modern Crush said...

OMG I was so hoping you were going to post on this!! I watched the game - and rooted for Canada of course! I could never betray my mom... I called her the second Canada won and there we were hootin and hollorin over the phone. There are two sports I can actually enjoy watching on tv - hockey and soccer - hockey being my favorite!