Sunday, February 28, 2010


I love Anthropologie, in all it's deliciousness.  If I won millions & billions, I would probably shop there first, or maybe second, 'cause I'd have to hit the Audi dealership for sure!

But when I go to Anthropologie with my mass fortune, I sure as heck will not be spending CAD$728.00 on this fugly clutch.  Really?

Polly might wanna get a bulk box of crackers, 'cause he's going to be sitting on that hook an awfully
long time, in my opinion.

Happy Sunday!


Raina Cox said...

Seriously. Some of their stuff leaves me scratching me head.

amy @ switz~art said...

I know, right? Some of their stuff is reasonable and then...whamo!! And you have to look twice, maybe three times because you're in total sticker shock!

bananas. said...

seven hundred twenty eight dollars...FOR THAT?!? that is just reDONKulous!!!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Good Gawd that's ugly! I took a friend to Anthro for the very first time + her initial reaction was that she didn't want to buy anything, but she likes the store for ideas. Now if the purse gets marked down to $3.98, like my perfume...actually, I think even then I'd pass on it + buy a coffee.

Offering you support on your purging project via commenting.

Modern Crush said...

hahahahahahaaa! That last statement is sooo funny!!! Yeah that is not for me!!!!

sulu-design said...

Ha! Love the snarky comment there at the end. So, so true.