Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Favourites (& Some Not So Favourites...)

I hate snow.  Not my favourite stuff.  I have shovelled four freakin' times today and it's not the powdery crap either, it's the heavy, wet variety.

Oh, look at me going out for another shovel...bleh.  Thrilled, I am sure.

Hopefully, when these puppies arrive next week, they'll make my shovelling ventures happier?  Hmmm...

Since we're not seeing spring anytime soon, I brought the season to me.  This is what $5.00 of spring looks like...

And now some faves....

I found this vintage plaid coat on Ebay...$15.00.  It is now mine and I am now cut off from Ebay for awhile...such an addiction.

After seeing a post on The Sartorialist (see The New Hope...Reed Krakoff, NYC), I had to get more in depth with Reed Krakoff's debut collection.  It's like Ralph Lauren, only better and less boring. 

(photos from

Well, the weekend is upon us!  Keep warm & have fun!


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