Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am fascinated with my family roots.  Some people are and others are downright into it.  One of my first cousins on my Switzer side located this amazing site dedicated to my forefathers, right down to little ol' me.  I have been stoked, sending the site owner a ton of our family's connections and relevant dates...and it's not nearly covered yet.

Here is a link to my Grandpa, Harold

A link to my Great Grandmother, Emily Fussell.

A link to my Great Grandfather, Obadiah

A few photos to share with you...

My great grandparents...Obadiah & Emily Switzer...

...the whole fam!  Obadiah & Emily had 14...count 'em...14 kids!  My grandfather, Harold is front centre, to the right with what appears to be a little sailor shirt on.

The family homestead.

This really made my day...



bananas. said...

dang girl...your family is super cool. like history book cool!

happy tuesday (almost wednesday) to you darling! xoxo.

only a movie said...

What a great find.

Love the new header too, dear.

Happy Wednesday.


wow your family looks major darling!
so happy for ya'


sonrie said...

I love researching my family genealogy as well. It's always fun to find new information...what I miss though are the social aspects that are less likely to survive. Who was an artist in that family? Why did they farm? Why did they come to the US? Why did they come to St. Louis? Did they like chocolate? :)

sherri said...

how amazing that there are that many old photos, what a treasure to have that of your family. love the new header by the way and profile pic! have a great weekend, amy!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. And I couldn't agree more. Studying your family's history is so interesting. It really does have an impact on you.