Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I "flicked" the garden today.  Cleaned up leaves and twigs and flicked the mulch & dirt around with "the claw".  (For more Claw fun, please go here.)

These pics are from Spring 2009.  I love seeing the grass so green...it's still pretty brown right now.

More Spring 2009 goodness.

This is how I like to see my house: surrounded by big ol' maples (even though they shit their bud thingys and those stupid, silly "helicopter" seedlings...but I digress.)

What I am really stoked about.  Pampas grass.  Yeppers. 
Spring Garden.ca has the pink and white variety...

...and I am going to plunk 3 of those suckers at the back of this garden leading up to our main entrance. 
This is mainly for privacy and of course for looks. 
A clump of white on either side and the pink in the middle. 

I will also be purchasing 2 more clumps for one part of the driveway where our nosey, pigeon-feeding, know-it-all neighbours spy through to our main doorway.  And one will be placed at the side of my porch, so I can sit out there with privacy, as well.  Where our porch is borders the neighbours we really love, but it's still nice to have privacy, considering our entire backyard and deck face their floral greenhouse operation.  We don't get much privacy, if at all, back there.  Our pigeon-lovin' neighbours are a field away (thank gawd!), but still have a super good shot of our comings and goings.  And they are not the people I want to know about my coming and going.  Jerks. 
(More on them another day...they are hilariously hypocritical & ridiculous.)

Anyhoo, I hope you're having a rockin' Tuesday.  Tonight I am hunkering down with a glass of Red Knot and watching Parenthood.  Pretty good show, even though I still think Lauren Graham is still playing the character of Lorelai from Gilmore Girls?  Not that there is anything wrong with that. 
Peter Krause is yummy...I really miss Six Feet Under.



only a movie said...

Your house is super cute. Seriously. I love it.

bananas. said...

is that your house?! ughh...so lucky. i love my home but it's teeny tiny.

whatever you do, it will look fabulous. you're working with a good canvas.

amy @ switz~art said...

thanks, kids! aw, that's so nice!

you know, it really feels like home...the main part was built very early 1900's and the addition (between the garage and the main house is about 25 years old)

inside there is such a mix of old and new. me loves, but i am always thinking of new paint colours, etc.! *wink, wink!*

mayra...we had a small place before this one...i loved it! and very easy to clean!

Modern Crush said...

I think paumpus grass is THE DEVIL. I don't want to deter your from putting it in if you really love it - but you can't ever kill it if you decide you don't want it anymore. Seriously, IT WONT DIE. We had to have a tractor come dig it out.

On a lighter note, I know I've said it before, but I WANT YOUR HOUSE!!!!

not fair not fair not fair!!

ok enough pouting from me.

Robert said...

Lovin the webb page, can't get enough of it! You need to come to Holly to get inspired!!!!!!!!!