Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Story With "Sole"...

It was a very sad day last week when I had to finally part with my Uggs.  My ugly Uggs.  For three whole years, we were tight...the best of friends.  I still continued to think that they were still grotesque, but to have something on your feet so warm and so slipper-like was delicious. 

(Goodbye, old friends...)

I really had no idea how much Uggs were, but when my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday 3 years ago, I said Uggs.  I came to find out that Uggs were atrociously expensive.  Like, CAD$250.00 expensive.  And not even waterproof to boot, no pun intended.  Now, I will spend the money on something, when warranted, but I just don't think Uggs are really worth the CAD$250.00 to CAD$300.00 price tag.

So, when I discovered that my big toe blew through the sheepskin on one of the bastards I was very sad.  I am really good with shoes...I baby them, but these were goners.  Oh, and I will tell you that I do cut my toe nails, just in case you think I grow them to freak proportions.

After "Ugg surgery", I wore them for a day and the hole returned.  It didn't pull through.  Then began my replacement search.  I thought about getting the leather bomber style Ugg boot (aren't they really nice, though?  Sigh.).  At nearly CAD$400, I quickly rejected the idea. 

And then I found EMU Australia boots.  Although not sheepskin, these were a hell of a lot more comfy, just as warm!  Like, CAD$220.00 cheaper.

(Why, hello, there!)

I think I am a little like Jekyll & Hyde when it comes to shopping.  There are definitely things that I will spend the money on, but others I just won't.  And I have to say, with the US dollar and the Canadian dollar being almost at par, I have a serious issue with the massive price discrepancy.  For instance, check the price on these boots available in the US.  Now, compare to the Canadian website.  Frig me.  I have a hard time believing there is $165.00 in duty sitting in a pair of leather boots?

In other news, I purged 3 large garbage bags of shoes, handbags, jackets and clothes today.  I tallied that since my purge began last year, I have donated 15 bags and I am sure I am not done.  It's so funny how I hold onto certain items and don't give much thought to others.  I think lately, with all of the natural disasters occurring around us (Haiti, Chile...), it's time to let go and give to others that do not have what I am so lucky to have.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!



sherri said...

I am so cheap, but will spend money on boots. every eight years or so. I'm really cheap.

only a movie said...

Hello to your new boots. They look yummy.
I just greeted the current rain/snow storm w/ my new Bogs. Super cute and warm and waterproof.

Modern Crush said...

Did you ever look at Costco? (Thats assuming you have a costco!!) my sis got a pair (their brand but just as awesome) for like $40. Score! Also, lets not everyone forget ebay!!

amy @ switz~art said...

Oh, we do have a Costco! I never thought to check there! Well, in 3 years time, I'll have to make sure I check there first!

Lady Ren said...

I totally FEEL you- I have the exact pair, got them three years ago, and blew a hole at the toe. I did buy replacement UGGS- in a very nice grey zip up BUT bought them during the Bloomingdales sale in the SUMMER- oh and I moved the the States from Toronto and things are WAY cheaper here.