Saturday, March 13, 2010

Purge ~ Repair ~ Make

 Wow, it is sheeeeety out today.  Terribly windy, damp and rainy.
A perfect day to caulk the tub (long overdue) and continue my 2009/2010 purge-o-rama.  Today will focus on ditching summer footwear.  I think it's a shame that I have such excess and others have nothing.  It amazes me how much shit I actually have and do not use.  I wish I kept count of all the times I have dropped off a garbage bag of stuff at the donation box.  Wow.

Last night, I did a little clean-up on my new, cheap vintage wool coat.  Fixed a button and repaired the lining...

...I love how different the plaid is from afar compared to seeing it up close...

And now for what the lovely Raina calls...CRAFTULENCE!  This might be craftulence at it's finest.
So, I needed a tea cozy and I think you all know that I love to shop.  I do not want to shop for a tea cozy.  Don't ask me why, but the thought of searching stores for a bloody tea cozy turns me right off.  I do not even hold a diploma for basic sewing 101...I can hardly hem pants, but I decided to give making a tea cozy a go.  After a dig around in my fabric scrap box, I found two ends of the legs of a pair of jeans that I made into cut-offs.  I found flat cotton batting.  I found thread, scrap fabric for 4 ties and some beads for that super chic look. :-)

Yuppers...tea is yummy!

It completely serves its purpose...officially tested this morning.  However, hubby thinks its hilarious.  Which is why I will continue to use it, along with the anatomically correct female chip and dip I made in pottery class a few years back.
(Actually, have I posted that piece of clay yet?  Hmm....)

Hope you're having a kickin' weekend thus far.



only a movie said...

Very crafty! Hope the weather gets better... I think we're getting the wind and rain tomorrow.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

My biggest issues is that even though most everything in our house was bout 2nd hand, it was still bought + $2.00 here + there adds up. The other day I dropped about $25.00 into the donation bin + that was only 1 drop out of the many many drops I've done since I started this purge last summer.

Makes are good, made 12 bulk foods bags out of some linen I had in my fabric box.

Keep on keepin' on purging friend

bananas. said...

don't you feel super awesome after you've done little things like that.

i know i do :)