Friday, March 12, 2010

Laze-Alot Friday

Well, it was lazy for SOME mammals in this house, but not for I.  I worked on a bust form for showcasing/photographing all the funky jewellery I plan on whipping up.

What are you up to this weekend?

Mine will involve re-caulking the bathtub (oh joy, oh bliss...) and an awesome steak dinner at The Keg on Sunday night.  Oh, and lots of projects...I have a vintage wool coat to freshen up and the creation of a tea cozy on my mind.  May even start that tonight.

Geesh, my weekends have changed a lot from 10 years ago...



Modern Crush said...

Oh joy oh bliss is right!! Haha. Cant wait to see the jewels!!!

Raina Cox said...

Turn that cat black, and we could have the same shot at my house.

I'm headed to "Disney on Ice" with The Pea tomorrow. Wheee!

only a movie said...

Doing some homework this weekend, but lazing on the couch right now.... :-)