Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cheese Graters & Dremel Tools

Today marks my first 2010 pedicure and boy, do I need it!

My aunt (Kerry...she prefers her actual name not be synonymous with the "aunt" title) and I started a little tradition of going together.  I love that we live close to each other and can do such things.  Weeeee!

After yesterday's massive yard clean-up, I am so ready to sit in a chair for an hour and have my legs rubbed, scrubbed and polished.  Oh yes. 

What are you doing today?



Lady Ren said...

have FUN!

only a movie said...

sounds wicked fun!

bananas. said...


i'm so dute for one. enjoy!!!

and happy easter honey!

Modern Crush said...

What did I do Saturday?? Well, I got up, ate a surprise donut from Billy (chocolate!!) then he left and I got to work. I went to the farmers market and then to the store. Then I came home and started a batch of homemade chicken stock. I washed all the bedding in the guest room and our room, vacuumed, dusted and cleaned the office desk. Then to the kitchen for more cleaning. Then to work (*sux) by 2:45pm and there till 11. Then home again, filled easter eggs, then to bed.... It was a long day.

I want my toes done!