Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rainy Day Surprises

Oooh, my we're having a week of rain.  And although I know it's needed, I prefer sunshine and lots of it.

But, I did get my own version of sunshine...a swap package from the awesome blog, 1017

The goodies are incredible!:
~ two (count 'em!...two!) large chocolate bars
~ beautiful Japanese hand-painted paper & matching envelopes
~ a gorgeous needlepoint (I know EXACTLY where it is going, too!)
~ a funky multi-coloured knit neck wrap
~ ceramic & wooden beads
~ a copy of Organic Gardening magazine
and a pop-up sponge (those things are great!)

Thank you again, 1017!

I finally received my cream vintage handbag from Dalena Vintage yesterday. 
I seriously think customs like to hoard things to make people wait.  Grrrr!

I hope you're all having an awesome week.  And preferably in sunshine. 




I remember that distinctive bag post~
glad it finally arrived! Custom might think it's a genuine croc leather?!
Enjoy wearing it Amy!

bananas. said...

OOOH! looks like two mamas got brand new bags!!!

love yours. vintage is always chic.

happy thursday my dear! here's to a sunny weekend!!!

sonrie said...

so glad you love it!!

Modern Crush said...

how fun!! Look at all those goodies! The bag is glorious... damn those customs!

sherri said...

nice goody bag! hey - didn't you start an etsy shop or did I dream that? and if so, what is the address and why no link on here? boo! hook a sistah up...