Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maybe I'm Amazed

18 years later, I am heading to see Sir Paul McCartney dazzle in concert once again.  I am stoked because it was a miserable process to begin with.  His Toronto show on Sunday, August 8th was sold out in literally seconds, but to my surprise (and thankfully I hung around the site a little longer) a Monday show was added and affordable tickets were to be had. 

This'll likely be the last time I'll see this legend live because I'll be busy with the little bambino and frankly, Paul is getting up there.  Pushing 70.  Will he tour again?  I will bet not. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to see one of the best songwriters of our time for a 2nd take...le sigh.


only a movie said...

Heard this song on the radio yesterday and was wondering the possibilities of seeing this show. Get outta my brain, lady. And, lucky you!

Karena said...

Just realized I commented on the post below, take a look, and I do adore Paul... he was my first heartthrob!!

Art by Karena

Modern Crush said...

Lucky lucky Amy!

drollgirl said...

he is almost SEVENTY?!?!? yikes! can you believe that?!?!?

i hope you have the BEST TIME EVER!