Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Switz~Art Summer...

The summer of 2010 is proving to be a hot one and full of basic things that fulfill my heart.  I think because I know my complete attention will be focused on a wee one in December and beyond, I am taking the time to "smell the roses".  Here are a few snaps of what's going on in my little world...

Deer, deer everywhere!  It seems almost every dusk, there are at least three trekking around in the field across from our house.

An awesome find.  Quick story: I worked at Roots Canada in my college years and I still have a lovely black tote and some other delicious leather handbags from those days.  What I no longer have are my clogs that I wore day in and day out.  I wore them to death.  Unfortunately, Roots discontinued making shoes altogether until this year, but they are only making boots...not the shoes they once made.  Boo.
So, I was just talking about how much I missed my Roots clogs and then my aunt and I happened to walk into a Value Village.  BAM!  There they were for $9.99 in perfect condition. 

My preggo stomach cannot get enough of butter tarts.  Actually, I prefer ones without raisins or made with pecans, but I'll take what I can get.

I cannot believe the amount of raspberries that came off of the bush we have alongside the garage.  Two bowls full.  Unfortunately, their season has come to a close.

Cold water with lemon.  Another thing I cannot get enough of.  Mmmm....refreshing!

How is your summer going?


sonrie said...

glad to hear from you; love the new blog design; and glad to see that you have raspberries! I would love to get some fruit trees/bushes next year. :)

sherri said...

you may want to check your layout, took me a while to find the post a comment button, it is on top of your you might also like pics for some reason.

love the new look! those raspberries look amazing. and butter tarts??? mmmmmmm!

sulu-design said...

Sounds like summer is going just as it ought to (with some good luck clog find thrown in). The weather here is on again off again summery, so I'm squeezing everything I can out of the sunny moments. Keep on enjoying it.