Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life...

Has it really been over 3 months since I have written in this space?  Sadly...yes.  :-)

So, here's a little insight into the magic (aka, Natalee!) that has captured the hearts of Trev, myself and our dog.  And even the cat (but she'll never admit it!)...

First time on my play mat!

Hangin' in the bouncy chair...smiling!  I love to smile!

Bath time!


I have found my hands AND my voice...Mum loves it!

Mum and I love to swim at the local salt water pool!

Motherhood fascinates me to no end.  The beginning was a little rough with a bout of postpartum depression, but with the amazing help of my husband, midwife, mum-in-law and family and friends, we pushed by it full force.  I can safely say that I terribly for those that don't seek help, don't know they have it or battle it for so long.  The faster you can enjoy your little miracle and your life as a whole is so important.

Natalee is simply a marvel.  A hilarious little being who has such expression and a firecracker personality.  She just turned 3 months last Friday (the 4th of March).  She is keeping her head up and adding more sounds (in varying pitches and lengths).  She can hold things quite well and particularly loves the feel of skin, blankets and plush toys...but then who wouldn't?  ;-)

We are truly lucky to hang out with 4 other mums and their babies who are either days or weeks apart from Natalee's age.  My connection with my hospital neighbour, Christine, led me to friendships with 3 other mums.  I absolutely value the comraderie, the conversation and the bond we have as mums.  And we're all so different, which is super.

Now that Nat and I have our groove on, I will be back to blogging.  In fact, Leya over at Curious Bird has mentioned a daily ritual project that might just be the ticket to get back into the swing of writing again.  Something I really need to get back into...



Raina Cox said...

Oh, she's just adorable!

So glad to hear everyone is doing well.



sonrie said...

so glad to see you back in this space! Your babe is a beauty and glad to know that you sought the help you needed after her birth. May she bring you endless joy! :)