Monday, March 7, 2011

Daily Ritual :: Nursing

Let's begin our daily ritual project with my favourite daily activity: nursing.  This should actually read daily and nightly ritual.  However, the nightly part is starting to become few and far between.  I absolutely love breastfeeding and feel very lucky to have been able to continue, as I know it's not easy.  Our start was slightly bumpy only in that we had to get Natalee's weight up before (and a week after) leaving the hospital.  Since I had a C-section, my milk took it's sweet time coming in and we supplemented at the breast.  If you have ever tube fed from the breast, you will know how tricky it is.  However, it's all well worth it!

I love the closeness and the bond that is created with nursing, or any type of feeding for that matter.  Holding Nat close and knowing that I am helping to build her immunity and make her a healthy little human is so fulfilling. 

We typically feed at 5 or 6am, then 9:30/10am, various times throughout the day and evening (it's usually a cluster feed through the evening recently) and our last feed wraps up at 11pm.  We use one of two trusty, handy nursing pillows.  One large pillow and the other (in the photo) is a "peanut", which we use upstairs or at the keyboard (which we're doing right now!).  

Feel free to follow along with me!  If you do, please drop me a comment and I'll be sure to give you some link love!  My inspiration for this project comes from none other than the lovely Leya over at Curious Bird.  I'm sure I have mentioned this before, but Leya's blog was the first blog I was ever hooked on.  Thanks, Leya!

Have a happy day!

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sonrie said...

the rocking chair looks cozy... glad you are enjoying this new role of yours!