Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is There a Support Group...

...for Etsy love and inevitable purchases?  Oh me lucky stars.  I need an intervention.  And so do some friends of mine.  You know who you are!  ;-)

Without further ado, here are my latest obsessions (read: purchases).  I can't wait for the mailbox to fill up!

A Sophie leash for my Nat from SophieBelle.  Miss Nat has begun flinging toys and at $25 a pop, Sophie needs to stick with us. 

I have always wanted a family ring with birthstones, but I like this modern take instead.  E. Ria Designs makes some super combinations of personalized jewellery.  I opted for an "A&T" on the circle, "Natalee" on the rectangular pendant, a gold-tone pearl and silver bead chain (as shown).

Comfy pants with a super cute owl by Branch Handmade.  Loving the eco brown colour and lately my love for dragonfly motifs is being eclipsed by the owl.  Hoot, hoot!

Sometimes mommy & me matching sets are not so cool.  However, in my mind, these house shoes/booties by Bug-A-Booties fit the cool mold.

A personalized burp cloth?  Yes, thank you very much, Whimsey & Co.!

Squirrellicious was a featured artist on Etsy.  Lotte's items are incredible and she creates such a unique spread of handcrafted pieces such as phone pockets, eyemasks, passport wallets, hats, card holders and framed bags.  I could not resist this paper airplane wallet what is personalized with a name of your choice.  Perfect. 

And last, but certainly not least is BoCoBaby.  I own what appears to be a ton of BoCoBaby.  After spying a mummy friend's burp cloth and investigating online what BoCoBaby was, I fell madly in love.  Chandler's combo of beautiful minkies and delicious prints are hard to resist.  Her burp cloths are super: a 6 ply cloth diaper, complete with a fashionable strip of print fabric.  I will be sure to post Natalee's customized lovey blanket when we receive it! 

Are you an Etsy lover?  What's on your current fave list?


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Kara said...

Hey, after getting my VW booties for Ry (soooo cute)...I want to buy a pair for myself! Can't wait to see yours.