Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Want To Get Away, I Wanna Fly Away...Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

I am not a huge reality show fan. 
I still have my "guilty pleasures" and have been known to get immersed in a few episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  But when I watch reality shows, I gravitate towards ones that involve travel and places of the world that I am intrigued by. Since laying eyes on the History Television's show, Ice Pilots NWT, I have been hooked.  I am fascinated by the two features of the show: aircraft (WWII aircraft no less!) and the Canadian Arctic.  To top it off, the show is real and shows the day to day business that is Buffalo Airways

My hubby travels a lot for his job...pretty much all over Canada.  Although the Arctic is a rare trip, it is one that happens every couple of years for him.  Due to waiting on a flight to come home from Yellowknife, NWT, Trev had the privilege to visit Buffalo and take a tour of the hangar and tarmac, as well as getting into a C49 cockpit.  I am jealous.

Buffalo Airways Curtiss C-46 (Passenger & Cargo)

Buffalo Airways CL-215 Waterbomber/Fire Fighter

C-46 in for maintenance. 

Buffalo Airways L-188 Lockheed Electra Freighters

Can't wait for my boy to get home to hear more about it!